The Ohio Cattlemen's Association (OCA), first known as the Ohio Cattle Feeders Association, was started in 1951. The goals of the association, as defined in the minutes from the first meeting, were to promote the interests of the beef cattle industry, consider legislative matters or business interests, cooperate with and encourage research, and conduct educational meetings.

In May, 1950 the first officers for the Ohio Cattle Feeders Association were elected. Flenner Mellinger of Springfield was elected president. Russell Campbell of Camden served as the association's first vice president.

Today, the organization is known as the Ohio Cattlemen's Association. It is a membership organization that represents all beef industry producers - cow/calf, feeder, stocker, seedstock and dairy. OCA serves a membership of over 2,200 families throughout Ohio and surroundings states with over 60 county affiliate organizations. To see OCA's vision and mission click here.